Just finished reading the USAToday. com post about how the San Antonio Int’l Airport had to be evacuated after an anonymous person called in a bomb threat around 2 pm claiming that three vehicles in a airport basement parking garage allegedly contained explosives intended for devious purposes.  Police bomb dogs confirmed that explosive components were, indeed, in the three cars.

According to the article, officials said the bombs were located away from the major terminals, stating that “passengers have been allowed back into the baggage-claim area of Terminal B. Authorities have not given the all-clear for Terminal A.”

I’m not sure how to understand these folks who call in bomb threats – is the call intended as some way a guilty conscience tries to retract their nefarious intentions; or was it from some innocent “good Samaritan” who happened to find out about it and wanted to make sure nobody was hurt?  I can’t help but think it is just a distraction from an even more devastating plan, but that might be from watching too many espionage action movies.

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