Soaring Yields with Six Sigma

The basics of management posit that input will more often than not equal the output. A meager input will result to insignificant yields with no prospects of progress creating a vicious cycle of low productivity. For any business manager to be able to reverse this, an intense and critical examination of all the aspects of the business processes must be carried out to weed out the weak links. The application of six sigma methods can make it possible to identify the problems causing stagnation and low productivity.

The key intent of six sigma methodology is to come up with a measurement-oriented strategy that aims at achieving process improvement and perfection. Productivity within an organization can be affected by a myriad of issues but the major ones are the employees. To achieve measurable results it is essential to identify the major factors hampering the delivery of quality services. Six sigma experts insist that the first step towards this is to have a clear understanding of the employees and also their attitude towards the job. How the employees behave at work, how they think and their personality will impede or improve on their productivity. A six sigma approach should be employed to identify the problems and device clear and foolproof strategies of addressing them. The issue of motivation and giving them more incentives to work is a method that can go a long way towards achieving productivity.

Six sigma methods improve productivity through reduction of wastage and negative energies. The customer is the end assessor of the success of any strategy employed by an organization aimed at improving services or products. Six sigma experts highlight the importance of harnessing technology so as to ensure all businesses are efficient. They are against blind adoption of technology but rather insist that the technology applied has to be significant and aimed at reducing wastage with the end goal being creation of perfection. The results delivered by any technology applied should be measurable and predictable. There should be appropriate diagnostic tools put in place to help assess and evaluate the applicability of any technology adopted.

For productivity to be guaranteed in an organization there is need for cost cutting. Six sigma experts talk of every firm as having a potential quality, which is basically the maximum production capacity for any organization with its current available resources. There is also the actual quality which is the capacity currently being produced. Every firm has the ability to produce up to its potential if it can bridge the gap between actual and ideal. This bridge is in form of waste and this can be achieved through cost cutting. Not the traditional cost cutting that sometimes leaves some departments within an organization unmanned but rather it is cutting waste costs by ensuring that all the energies within an organization are geared towards positive contribution. All the resources within an organization have to be utilized appropriately to ensure perfection and customer satisfaction. It is only after these measures are taken does a firm stand to realize its full potential productivity.


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