Spill Kits : Why You Should Have Them

In spite of taking all kinds of precautions, it is difficult to prevent or create fool proof systems where spills cannot occur. The occurrences can be minimized or made nil by taking periodic assessments of the safety of machines and various pipes and flow channels. It is also required to impart proper training to the working personnel so that they will take measures to prevent the spillage and will be able to deal with spills as well.

The need

It is required to install spill kits at various locations in the workplace. Especially the areas where spills can occur should be equipped with suitable spill kits. Small to medium spills can be managed by the personnel present in the organization. If you can train up the personnel to handle the spills, they will be able to attend the spills in efficient ways. When a spill occurs, it will also lead to accidents in the affected area. Only trained personnel should attend the spill. They will be able to deal with the spill so that the spill can be contained. Untrained people should be relocated from the place so that there will not be room for mishandling of the kit or situation.

If the spill is moderate to big in size, in most cases it cannot be handled locally. Specially-trained personnel should be deployed to handle the situation in an efficient way.


By deploying the right kind of spill kit as per the spill, it is possible to contain the spill. The kit contains all the absorbents and accessories. You should go through the instructions beforehand so that you can manage the situation effectively. As spills are a kind of emergency situations, special warning signals and alarms should be raised in the workplace so that all the people that are likely to be affected will vacate their places and move to safe locations. There are basically two kinds of spills. One type of spill is non-toxic while the other kind of spill is toxic.

Toxic spills

Toxic spills should be handled very carefully. By utilizing the right kind of spill kit, the spill can be contained within a short period of time. The wastage can be prevented. By using the right kind of absorbents, the spill can be disposed in a safe way without affecting the environment. You should also follow the state and federal regulations. The safety of personnel should be the highest priority.

Where to deploy?

Spill kits should be deployed in almost all kinds of industries. As a spill kit will be equipped with pads, absorbents and wipes, it will be easy to clear the spill in a professional way. Spill kits are part and parcel of risk management techniques. In addition to the deployment of spill kits additional products should be procured and should be made easily accessible at the time of the spill. In this way, you will not let the spill spread beyond a certain distance. The spill can be effectively diverted to avoid extensive damage.

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