Arc Flash Dangers – The 6 Deadliest

How to Avoid Arc Flash Dangers Just about everyone has witnessed a spark coming from an electrical outlet or other device, and most have even experienced the feeling of one of these sparks on their hands or other parts of the body. While these tiny sparks are mostly harmless, they []

NFPA 70e Arc Flash Labels

Reviewing Arc Flash Labels and the NFPA 70e Standard Whenever working on equipment in a facility there are going to be risks associated with the job. In cases when the equipment must be energized in order to perform a maintenance task, however, the risk is significantly higher. This is why []

Arc Flash Explosions & Prevention

Most commonly, the hazards we associate with electricity and exposed electrical equipment are those due to direct contact. In these cases, a worker might accidentally touch an uninsulated wire or piece of electrical equipment, and momentarily become a conductor themselves. Severe burns and arrhythmia or stoppage of the heart can []

Arc Flash PPE

An arc flash can easily be deemed as one of the most hazardous events to occur within a workplace. However, despite constant care and maintenance of electrical tools, an arc flash can still occur with basically no warning at all. Even though arc flashes may be relatively rare, they are []

Arc Flash: Common Beliefs Debunked

Even though many people know and understand the hazards associated with arc flashes, there are still some people that quite frankly act “untouchable” when it comes to certain safety hazards in the workplace. We all know these people, they are the ones who need multiple reminders to wear safety glasses, []

Arc Flash Boundaries

There are many possible hazards within industrial work environments; however, an arc flash is potentially one of the most deadly and debilitating dangers. An arc flash can be described as an arc-shaped electrical current that leaves its intended path and travels through the air to the ground or another conductor []

Arc Flash Analysis Software

It is the legal duty of any factory’s management to make sure that it protects its employees from the dangers of arc flash. Most importantly, they need to comply with the OSHA industry standards which among other things, require that the management conducts a proper assessment of the arc flash []