An Employer’s Introduction to Fall Protection for Residential Construction Projects

When working on construction projects, the leading cause of death and injury among workers is falling. In residential construction, work that is usually restricted to home building in neighborhoods, risks can sometimes be underestimated. In turn, risks might be taken that would never occur in the course of commercial construction, []

Fall Protection Safety Plan

On the job falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries, but many safety managers don’t emphasize fall protection as much as they should. This is actually fairly understandable, given that most employees might not consider their jobs to be especially filled with falling hazards: If you don’t []

Don’t Fail with Fall Protection

Why do we use fall protection? Well, the obvious reason is to protect people against falls. However, if falls are one of the most preventable accidents for many workplaces and job sites, why are so many employees hurt or even fatally injured by falls while on the job? Most likely []