Gemba in the Office

How to Gemba in the Office Many companies today use the concept of gemba to help identify areas within a manufacturing facility where improvements in efficiency can be made. The term gemba is Japanese in origin and means, “the real place.” When used in the context of manufacturing or business, []

Gemba Walk for Shipping and Receiving

Have you Completed a Gemba Walk in Shipping and Receiving? When thinking about gemba walks most companies immediately start thinking about the manufacturing floor. While this is certainly a key area where gemba walks can be completed, it is not the only option. In fact, it is not even the first []

Gemba Walk for Manufacturing

Introducing Gemba Walk in a Manufacturing Environment Gemba walks are becoming a very popular and effective way for facility management and other key areas to learn more about what goes on within the facility. Gemba, which simply means ‘the real place’ or ‘where the action is’ shows those who don’t normally []

Safety Walk – Gemba Style

Have You Done Your Safety Walk? One of the most important goals of any facility should be to keep the employees and the company as safe as possible. In most cases, all the basic safety requirements will already be in place, including things like fire suppression systems, evacuation routes, safety []

8 Great Ways to Eliminate the Gemba 7 Wastes

Identify the Gemba 7 Wastes When you are attempting to operate a lean facility, you should always be focused on eliminating waste wherever possible. One of the best ways to do this is by learning about the Gemba process. Gemba, which is a Japanese term that means ‘the real place’ []