Kaizen – 3 ‘G’ Principles

Kaizen is a Japanese term for improvement, and is commonly uses as the basis for a methodology that is focused on continuous improvement for businesses. It is most commonly used in warehouse and manufacturing facilities where the goals of eliminating waste and improving efficiency are very important. While Kaizen as []

The Difference Between 5S and Kaizen

When looking to help a facility run more efficiently you will find that there are many ideas and methodologies out there that are able to help. Two of the most popular (and most effective, when done properly) are 5S and Kaizen. Both of these concepts are quite similar, but there []

What are the Best Kaizen Benefits?

Kaizen Methodology When looking for ways to improve a facility most managers will discover the concept of Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese term that means ‘a change for better’ or more commonly said, ‘continuous improvement.’ This is an ideology that has been growing in popularity since it first started back []

Kaizen Tips from My Personal Experience

Implementing Kaizen from My Experience Continuous improvement in the way a facility or entire company works is the heart of Kaizen. While the concept is fairly simple, the implementation can be extremely difficult. Even when companies begin using Kaizen strategies for a time, they often end up losing momentum and []

Kaizen Continuous Improvement – Ten Tips

Ten Tips to Help You with Your Kaizen Continuous Improvement Strategy The Kaizen methodology encourages ongoing efforts to ensure continuous improvement throughout a facility. This improvement can come in many forms including waste elimination, improved efficiency, safer work environments and much more. To simply say that a facility is employing []

Great Kaizen Idea – Kaizen by Inspiration

The True Difference Between Kaizen and Kaizen by Inspiration Click HERE to find more Kaizen signs like this one. When most companies today talk about Kaizen, they assume that this is just any effort that the company makes to help streamline processes, eliminate waste and hopefully improve profit margins. While []

The Skepticism of Kaizen

Kaizen continues to gain momentum as an exceptional tool for continuous improvement within many different employment sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, business management, etc. However, despite a positive track record the Japanese derived term “Kaizen” still comes under harsh criticism from many employees and managers alike. Many people just don’t []