Lean Manufacturing: Commonly Asked Questions

Lean Manufacturing Questions Answered Implementing a lean manufacturing strategy in your facility can be a great way to eliminate waste and improve overall efficiency. While the general concept of this methodology is not overly complicated, there is a lot that people need to know. The following are some of the []

Understanding Key Lean Manufacturing Concepts

Lean Manufacturing Concepts to Implement Implementing the lean methodologies in your facility is an important decision. Whether you’re getting to ready a lean initiative or you are just weighing the benefits of the strategies it is a good idea to make sure you understand all of the lean manufacturing concepts. []

What is Poka Yoke?

When you hear the term “Poka Yoke” you may be thinking “Poka what?” While the practices known as Poka Yoke may be more prevalent in Japan, Poka Yoke is also gaining in popularity in the U.S. The term known as Poka Yoke was coined back in the 1960’s in Japan []

Lean: Is Forecasting Feasible?

If you have ever worked in a business setting, you have probably heard people talk about forecasting. No, we are not talking about the weather, but instead the projected sales or amount of business transactions expected to help prepare a business for the future. Many businesses focus quite a bit []

Help Your Business GO LEAN!

These days you may be hearing a lot talk regarding “going lean” and “implementing lean practices,” what does this truly mean? When a company implements lean practices they are essentially looking at all areas within the company, evaluating processes, searching for new ways to streamline and improve current processes, all []