How to Measure Your Near Misses

While most people think of the workplace as a fairly safe environment today, there are still a lot of risks in place. Sure, we have come a long way from the dangerous (and all too often deadly) work environments of generations past, but there are still thousands of accidents and []

Untracked Near Miss Data Kills Profits

How Near Miss Data Can Improve Your Business The fact that safety and profitability go hand and hand has been written about extensively by myself and many others over the years. While many facilities still look at safety improvement as a costly necessity of doing business, a growing number are []

Near Misses In The Workplace – A Complete Guide

Near-misses methodology Near misses, and by extension their monitoring and effectiveness in indicating safety trends, are a constant discussion topic in professional message boards. Just this last week, for example, Fabio Chaves, an HSE and Sales Junior Engineer, asked his fellow safety and management pros how they went about quantifying []