5S Tools and Blueprint Used In My Last 5S Project

When re-organizing or changing up your work floor or operations setup, you can have a potentially massive task on your hands. The problem with “potentially massive” projects is that they tend to easily become overwhelming, leading many to one of two undesirable outcomes: A) You take shortcuts and end up []

Spring Clean your Business Processes

Spring is here again!  Spring is usually a time for fresh starts, new ideas, and that inevitable spring cleaning. However, when many of us think about spring cleaning we automatically think about doing household chores such as sweeping out the garage and cleaning and reorganizing the house. We rarely think, “Oh, []

Six Sigma: Can It be Simple?

With so many business models in the market today it’s often difficult to understand what would be best to incorporate into your operations before it becomes obsolete. Six Sigma, is one to learn and then, to keep around. For over 10 years, the Six Sigma business philosophy has changed the []