OSHA Updates on PPE

This week’s Summit Safety Group video looks at some updates from OSHA and what they look at when performing a walkthrough in a facility. Specifically, what they are looking at in regards to personal protective equipment used in any given situation. The video points out that offering personal protective equipment []

PPE Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewing PPE and Making Better Decisions Buying personal protection equipment (PPE) for your facility isn’t always as easy a job as it sounds. The days of just purchasing some hard hats and calling it good are long in the past, and with so many different items to consider, it is []

Fall Protection Safety Plan

On the job falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries, but many safety managers don’t emphasize fall protection as much as they should. This is actually fairly understandable, given that most employees might not consider their jobs to be especially filled with falling hazards: If you don’t []

Why Workers Avoid PPE & What You Can Do About It

Personal Protection Equipment, or PPE, is both a necessity and a major hurdle for many workplaces. PPE keeps workers safe and usually covers things like hard hats, safety vests, safety goggles or glasses, headphones, and gloves (thought it is certainly not limited to this list). The biggest problem with PPE []