Quality, Value, & Grade – An Exploration

Is Higher Quality Always Better?  You don’t have to be in the business world to feel that, intuitively, that better quality, is, well better. Phrases like “quality over quantity” and “you get what you pay for” drive this point home for just about everyone from a young age, but have []

PDCA: How Can this Tool Help You?

You may have heard of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), but how much do your really know and understand about it? Have you tried using this method in the past? Was it successful? If it wasn’t successful, what may have contributed towards its ineffectiveness? These are some questions you should ask yourself before []

Quality Counts!

Products ship in and out of businesses each and every day; it is just simply a natural part of conducting business. However, how much thought is really put into ensuring that packages reach their destinations still in pristine condition? When so much thought is put into designing and creating a []

The Importance and Value of Mistake Proofing

Have there been mistakes made in your business operations? The answer is obviously yes. Whether mistakes happen while an employee is stacking pallets on warehouse floor, or while working on an assembly line out in the factory, mistakes are simply a part of life. There will always be some sort []

New Product Development: Potential Pitfalls

Generating new ideas and creating new product is often exciting, yet a bit daunting. There are many unanswered questions along with new product development (NPD) and with that also comes a strong sense of vulnerability when introducing it onto the market. Some common concerns include: Will people like the product? []

Is it Really an Operator Error or Something Else?

  Let’s face it, there are many situations in which products are used either incorrectly or just simply don’t meet an intended need appropriately. Would you agree that this is due to an operator (customer) error? Or do you believe it is due to a process defect or product discrepancy? []

Quality Begins with the Design and Process

The term “quality” is somewhat ambiguous in nature as it means differing levels of satisfaction to different people. However, even though acceptable levels of quality vary widely from person to person, one thing is for sure, when a person purchases a product to meet a specific need he or she []

Internal Quality Auditing

What is considered a good or quality internal audit? What are the goals of an internal audit? What are some tips to ensure a quality audit? These may be some of the questions floating around in your head. For many business owners an internal audit is less daunting than an []

Document Control Made Easy

The control of important documents in today’s workplace continues to be a struggle despite the incorporation of the ISO 9001:2000 requirements. To clarify document control, it can be described as ensuring that current documents are first approved by qualified personnel and then distributed to the areas or places where they []