Reporting Safety Hazards at Work

Steps that will Help Improve Your Employees on Reporting Safety Hazards at Work Those who are responsible for improving safety in the workplace often focus almost all their efforts on reducing hazards, or ensuring people have the tools and equipment needed to work safely. While these types of things are []

Hand Hazards

We use our hands every day for many things such as grasping, manipulating, holding, feeling, and much more. Hands are commonly considered as one of the most widely utilized body parts, which usually rings true when it comes to working in an industrial environment as well. In the industrial work []

Machine Hazards

Machines help make many jobs easier by cutting, bending, gluing, and fabricating different products and materials so people don’t have to. However, along with the utilization of machines comes the risk for injury. The sad truth is that nearly four million employees are injured while on the job each year []