Spill Kits 101

When running a facility of any type, you are going to have a variety of different chemicals and other potentially hazardous products on site. While these are necessary for getting jobs done, they can also be very dangerous if they are spilled. Even just water can cause a hazard if []

OSHA Spill Kit Requirements and Tips

Understanding OSHA’s Spill Kit Requirements Most facilities have some type of chemicals or other things that are dangerous, yet necessary for getting specific jobs done. Most of the time these products are used without any problem, but in the event of a spill it is important to be able to []

Oil and Fuel Spill Kits

Even in industrial facilities there are some spills which are more dangerous than others, and it is no surprise that spilling fuel or oil is going to be one of those cases.  Oil and fuel are used in a wide range of different places from airports to mining operations and []