Downside to Incentives

When it comes to improving workplace safety, there is no shortage of ideas on how it should be done. One controversial method many organizations have tried is using some sort of incentive or compensation program for improved safety. If, for example, employees attend or participate in a safety seminar, they []

The Decline of Ethical Behavior in Business

These days what is considered truly ethical? It seems like the fine line between ethical and unethical is becoming a blur to many business professionals. In 2006, a study reported that MBA graduate students cheat the most on tests when compared to any other graduate non-business students. That is a []

Leading Virtual Teams

We live and operate in a time of limitless possibilities; technology has made it possible to quickly and easily connect with others half way across the world at any given time at the click of a button. With all the enhancements in technology, there is now an ever-increasing amount of []

Self-Directed Work Teams

Have you ever heard of the term “Self-Directed Work Team?” If so, you have probably heard quite a bit of positive feedback regarding these various types of teams. If you haven’t, you will now gain a greater handle on what these teams are about and how they can function and []