Value Stream Mapping Techniques

Tips For Ensuring Value Stream Mapping Success Value stream mapping, or VSM, is a process that allows you to get an overall picture of the flow of production on virtually any scale – from an individual work station all the way to the overall flow of your entire business and/or []

5s Principles

It is always good to refresh your memory with the basics of any methodology.  The 5s methodology is composed of Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.  Bogart McGraw in his article Introduction to 5S System, Fundamentals Explained explains that even though the system dates back to the Japan []

Lean Misconceptions

Misconceptions in lean manufacturing are easy to make, but they are dangerous!  And anyone can misinterpret and misrepresent things.  Mark Graban provides a striking example of a misconception in his blog post Should Have a Question Mark: Inc’s “The Leanest Startup?” : “Inc. Magazine didn’t have the question mark in []