So You Want a Safer Work Floor…

Anyone working for you is inherently dependent on you to maintain safe, workable conditions and safeguard against injury as best you can. Business owners and managers are therefore bestowed an ever-important task in constantly evaluating and improving the safety and safety culture of their work floors. This, combined with the []

Machine Safeguards A to Z

Since the Industrial Revolution we’ve depended more and more on machinery and mechanized factories to bolster our production and efficiency. From power companies, to construction sites, to merchandise assembly lines, we use machines every single day to keep our economy moving. While machines aren’t taking over and rebelling against their []

Can Video Games Improve Safety Awareness?

Managers and trainers in the workplace struggle each year to reach their employees in a meaningful way when it comes to safety. Some accidents are unavoidable, but the majority occur due to cutting corners, ignoring safety training, or not knowing the correct safety protocols in the first place. Incident rates []