The Concept of Muri, Muda and Mura

Since the starting of the industrial age, companies are continuously putting all their efforts to get the best ways to improve their overall production method whilst guaranteeing the incomparable quality for their products. Hence, in order to make companies achieve best methods to improve their production quality, the concept of Muri, Muda, and Mura introduced. These concepts brought various fruitful results for all those companies which follow them. These concepts were introduced by very well-known product quality gurus Mr. Taichi Ohno and Dr. Shigeo Shingo.

 Both of these men were two of the most important management gurus of their time. They purposefully produced various management concepts, among which, the Muri, Muda, Mura concept is famous worldwide. Muri, Muda, and Mura are three different Japanese words presenting three different concepts.

 The Muri, Muda, Mura concept is very-well elaborated in this article, so read ahead and know more.

 Understanding Muri

 Basically, the term Muri stands for overburden, absurdity or unreasonable. This term is adopted by various companies in order to increase profitability by eliminating unreasonable waste from their production procedure. Muri, in loads of ways, is similar to its corresponding concepts, but it can be distinguished easily.

The concept of Muri believes that any amount of excessive strain that is put on the development teams and processes, presumably bring impractical results with limited time. In most cases, such a situation occurs due to the poor task schedules, inadequate skills, under estimation, and poor planning. So, avoid such situations during the production, prioritize activities; well-plan the manufacturing process; understand the various variables of the process like skill levels of workers, time, and resources; make sure that the estimation is done in a proper manner. This may not only help in understanding the organization’s market base, but it will also be useful in sorting out a number of the aforementioned.

 Understanding Muda

Muda simply describes the activities which do not add value, usefulness, or productivity to a production practice and are wasteful. This may generally occur in a manufacturing company as a result of unnecessary testing and multiple check-ins. Lack of communication, not understanding the customer’s specifications and inefficient resources are some of the main causes of such time and resource wasting activities. It directly means that in order to retain the effectiveness of a process, each activity must hold proper documentation; adequate communication; and proper comprehension of customers’ needs.

 Understanding Mura

In various companies, in order to amplify profitability, the waste diminution process is used to improve productivity in more effective manner. If the standard procedure is not followed in a production process, then there might be chances of getting different results for a single activity. However, if the standard procedure, requirements, or policies in place for such test and well-followed, then the chances of getting the same result for each individual increases; thus, it makes the whole process highly effective.

 When the MURI, MUDA, MURA concepts are applied to a manufacturing process, then they certainly prove to be profitable and makes the process and the company successful.

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