I’ve always been a big sports fan, and the Olympics is one of my favorite chances to support the greatness of my country, the United States of America.  It still is a great country — so large and flush with natural resources, and so rich in human culture, diversity, and talents.

As much as I understand the reality of capitalism and business – and how the corporate world must bow more to shareholder profit demands than to some sense of nationalistic loyalty, I found it pretty difficult to swallow the fact that our very own US Olympic team will not be clothed in American-made apparel and sports gear this year, but clothing made in China.

The U.S. was once a manufacturing and industrial juggernaut, too! In fact, it was one of the early centers of the industrial revolution; but, so much of that once great industrial strength has waned -largely due to a diminished world economy and from the gradual outsourcing of our factories and production facilities to offshore locations with cheaper labor, like in China.

Obviously, I’m not the only one to have heard this news and openly lament.  Michelle Vale, an American fashion designer addresses the insensitivity to American labor in her Huffington Post article titled “Outsourcing National Pride: The Olympic Uniform Scandal.”

We still are a strong country, though – full of talented and hard-working people, like the athletes who will represent us this year in London.  I only hope that these outsourced garments will not tarnish the gold and silver our country will inevitably win.


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