Thermal Label Printer Reviews : Brother Barcode Label Maker

When your company requires a label maker capable of producing thermal-printed barcodes, the Brother™ QL-1060N might be one that will do the trick.

With a 4″ wide printhead, it is a great option for printing both shipping and barcode labels.  It offers an auto-cutter, which slices the label after it is done printing.  According to the Brother website, this labeler can print up to 69 labels per minute, but I only printed about 15 labels with this model, so I can’t personally support their claim. If you extrapolated the 6 labels in a row that I printed, I suppose they print out at about 1 per second, so that amounts to around 60 per minute, similar to what Brother states.


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The included P-touch editor software worked without a hitch – it was functional and worked well with my windows-based computer.

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All-in-all, this little labeling machine works well, prints with crisp clean imaging, and is fairly fast.  I’d recommend it to home consumers, or  if you have a small part-time business. It woould work great for any company who doesn’t need a commercial-grade industrial level label maker.

If you need to step up to a higher level of barcode or shipping (along with pipe marking, arc flash, etc.) labels that are made with a thermal printer, your best bet is the LabelTac industrial label printer.  These printers are made to last, and their output can’t be beat by these smaller units.


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