Trashing the Top 5 Myths About Lean Manufacturing

Tim McMahon at A Lean Journey, added a blog post about what he considers to be 5 misconceptions and myths about lean.

He notes that they are these:

1. Lean is only about cost reduction.
2. Lean makes employees feel like robots.
3. Lean is just about applying tools.
4. Lean is something you do in addition.
5. Lean means no inventory.

Although Tim does his best to dispel these myths, many people really do believe some of these.

It’s always amazing that some people in an industry will discount an entire system that is tried-and-true because they maybe misunderstood one or two aspects or got it from through bad word-of-mouth.

Remember, some of then worst advice you can take is from people you don’t respect.  It’s always better to vet your information sources and do real research before perpetuating mistruths and misconceptions.

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