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Organize Your Facility with Triton Products

When it comes to organizing a facility, products by Triton are among the best on the market today. They don’t just manufacture high quality items, but they help to innovate and improve the things they make to help your workplace become leaner and more organized.

Whether you’re just starting a lean or 5S strategy in your facility, or you’re looking to take it to the next level, Triton products are an excellent option for you. The following brief reviews of different products and types of products will help you to learn how they can benefit you and your facility.

Triton Pegboards

Industrial Pegboard Kits

Triton has an excellent line of pegboards that can help to organize your facility in a variety of ways. These pegboards are made from a strong and durable material that can stand up to the rough everyday use of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. There are many different styles and options available as well as sizes available to ensure you are able to get exactly what you need. The following are some of the best options to consider.

  • DuraBoard Pegboards – The DuraBoard line is made with a strong polypropylene material that can hold a significant amount of weight. The surface is designed specifically to avoid fading, drying, cracking and peeling even when exposed to heat or sunlight.
  • Industrial Pegboard Kits – These kits come with everything you need to start or expand your use of pegboards. They are durable and have plenty of hooks, bins and more to organize large areas of your facility.
  • Tempered Wood Pegboards – Using tempered wood for pegboards is an excellent option for many companies. The Triton models are very durable, long lasting and can hold a lot of weight. In addition, the wood is more natural, which is something some facilities are very interested in.

Mobile Tool Carts with Pegboard

Mobile Tool Carts : Mobile PegboardOne other pegboard that is worth mentioning on its own is the mobile tool cart pegboard. Triton has several of these great options that can dramatically improve the way your facility gets work done. This cart is on strong wheels that can be pushed or pulled to almost any location for easy access. On the two sides of the cart are large pegboards where you can securely hang tools, parts and more that you will need on a project.

On the middle section of the cart are bins and other storage options so you can take everything with you in one place. This is great for maintenance teams that need to bring the right tools all through the facility to keep things working smoothly. Of course, these carts can be used in almost any environment by any team, which helps you to maximize their value in your facility.

Pegboard Accessories

50 pc Locking Pegboard Hook AssortmentNo matter what type of pegboard you use in your facility, having the right hooks, bins, pegs and more will allow you to get the most out of your investment. Triton offers several different packages of pegboard accessories to help you get everything you need in one order.

Whether you want a 50 piece locking pegboard hook assortment or a 75 piece, they have it for you. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality materials that will be able to hold your tools and other items securely while they are not in use. These accessories will work with all the different Triton pegboards as well so you are sure to get the most out of every order.

Socket Holder Strips

Socket Holder Strip Asst With Pegs 3PKWhether you are an individual contractor, a small shop or a large company, you almost certainly know the difficulties of keeping sockets properly organized. Most people end up having all their different sockets tossed into a toolbox. Finding the one you need ends up taking far longer than it should, which is a huge waste of time and energy.

Triton makes a variety of socket holder strip sets that can help solve this problem. Unlike most other socket holders on the market today, these are durable enough to stand up to rough everyday use. In addition, the strips are designed to hold each socket snugly so it doesn’t fall out, but not so tight that it is impossible to grab a new socket when it is needed.

Another great benefit of these socket holder strips is that they are built with peg openings in them so you can easily hang them up on a pegboard when they are not in use. This will allow you to quickly organize all your sockets into their proper strips, and then organize the strips themselves on your pegboards. You’ll be shocked at how much this simple item can help you to save time and improve the way your facility works.

Free 5S Guide

Socket Holder Caddy

3/8" Red Socket Caddy & 28 PegsFor companies that have a very large number of sockets, a strip might not be enough for keeping them all in one convenient place. When that is the case, you can choose from one of Triton’s great socket caddies. They come in different sizes to hold whatever sockets you need and are a great way to keep everything in one place.

Using a socket caddy allows you to arrange up to 28 sockets by size in one spot. For companies with more than 28 sockets, you can easily stack multiple caddies on top of one another for traveling to a job site or workplace in the facility.

Organizing Your Facility

As you can see from the different types of products offered by Triton, they are experts in facility organization equipment. If you are looking for new and innovative ways to eliminate waste from your facility, it just makes sense to turn to a company that specializes in this area.

Triton has been making high quality tools and equipment to help companies become more organized and efficient for years. Take a moment to browse through the different triton products and see which ones will help you take your facility to the next level in terms of efficiency and quality. You’ll quickly find many items that will help you, your employees and the company as a whole in many ways.

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