Trying to Implement Lean Manufacturing? Educate Yourself First.

I find that, when it comes to manufacturing, office, or healthcare implementations, folks don’t really understand lean when they’re first shopping the concept.

That’s why it’s a good idea to invest a fraction of your time and money right out of the box toward quality education and consultation to help you get the right info before you spend the larger portion of time and money in creating a program that might not be sustainable.

For the basics, Ron Pereira over at Gemba Academy does a pretty decent job of explaining Lean Manufacturing in the video below.


5S Lean Guide

5S Guide: Improve efficiency with effective organization

When the workplace is a mess, processes slow down. 5S, a systematic method for workplace organization, keeps spaces clean and clear of clutter so processes run more efficiently. This 5S Guide explains the steps of a 5S program, how to start a program, and what tools you’ll need to make 5S a success.

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