Use of FOD Products in the Aviation Industry

If there is one industry where FOD (Foreign Object Damage) has had devastating effects it is the aviation industry. Anyone working in the airline industry has heard about FOD and the havoc they wreak upon the industry with losses annually running into billions. This debris can come in form of nails, fasteners, wires, loose tools and other implements. Although they may sound simple and harmless they present real hazards that can result to immense injuries and fatalities. When it comes to the aviation industry there are measures put in place to minimize or completely eradicate these FODs.  There are lots of training programs to educate the staff on the impact of this debris and on how to use various FOD products to lessen the accumulation of debris.

The damage

There is no doubt that FOD can result into debilitating impact on an airplane engine. The plane engine is like a mammoth vacuum cleaner that sucks up everything it comes into contact with. If the engine intake is close to the ground it becomes more prone to FOD as with the large engine pieces of rocks, grass, nails, bottles, soda cans or even snow can be taken up into the engine causing huge damages to the internal systems such as the compressor and others. The result of this is a huge outlay of cash in terms of repairs or complete overhaul of the whole engine system.

Measures to prevent FODs

All airports may not be maintained with the same standards and some of them maybe laden with debris. While it is not possible to eradicate all debris, prevention of FOD does indeed go a long way in ensuring safety in the aviation industry. The main way through which this can be achieved is placing of FOD products in the various sites within the airport. FOD products can range from containers or bags where debris can be deposited for sorting out and for disposal. Sources of FOD range from infrastructural repairs, accumulation of rocks and concrete chippings emanating from repair works and also from personal belongings such as pens, badges and pieces of clothing amongst others. It is hence crucial if awareness is created amongst airport personnel and the clients to ensure there is no dumping of debris of any sort within the compound and to use designated containers for disposal. Good housekeeping can be a crucial way of achieving this to prevent any debris from getting into contact with the aircraft.

Benefits of FOD products

An FOD free airport is desirable for the safety of all. There are countless accidents that have happened as a result of FOB in the engine leading to irreparable damages. The impacts of such damages in mid air are fatal and the huge losses in terms of lives and finances cannot be fathomed. The presence of FOD containers creates awareness that any debris is to be eliminated and properly put into the containers. If they are strategically placed in the key areas and emptied constantly, FOD within the compound can be eradicated contributing hugely to airline safety.


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