Using Warehouse Signs To Communicate

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Some organizations have their own signs and markings that may only be useful to those who are accustomed to them. Sometimes the intent is to communicate coded information while in others it is to pass on general information. The standards on the use of signs within an organization are broad and sometimes there are no specific requirements on what to follow. An organization can choose to have its own customized rules or it might choose those conventions dominating the industry. The rule of thumb in signs is that the main objective be accomplished. For this efficiency to be achieved there are a few rules that have to be followed.

Clear messages

Signs are indeed varied and each one of them needs to communicate a distinct message. When devising or designing a sign to use, it is crucial to tabulate it in a way that it achieves its purpose. The message to be communicated should be clear without room for ambiguity. The purpose of a sign is to inform and not to confuse. Before releasing a sign for use within the organization, it is important that it be well thought out to eliminate any chances of misinforming and misdirecting the recipients.


It is always crucial to ensure there is consistency in the signs that are used within an organization. One of the most common uses of signs within an organization is to inform employees, visitors and other relevant persons of the existence of hazards. When it comes to such signs, caution should be exercised to ensure there is consistency in the signs used, any legends inserted, symbols or any color codes. There are various color codes in use and each of the color codes has a corresponding message it wishes to convey. While there is no clear rule on standardization, an organization can form its own rules on the color codes adopt for a particular hazard. The most important thing is that this color code be used consistently. It will create a room for confusion should there be a mix up in color codes where in one sign a color represents danger while in another sign the same color represents something else.

Educating the employees

There is no doubt that employees are the most crucial within an organization and hence it goes without saying that their interest should take center stage when it comes to the creation and wording of the signs. For warehouse signs to be effective in their application, there is a need to educate the workers on what the signs represent and what they aim to achieve. One characteristic of a good sign is the one that is easy to understand. Signs should be created in a way that they are easily understandable to all that they intend to communicate to. The language used and the symbols adorning them should be self explanatory. This notwithstanding, the need to train the staff on the signs cannot be overlooked. Each and every sign must be explained and elaborate manuals given to all the workers with every new employee being adequately inducted.

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