Various Types of Spill Kits and Their Uses

Most industries deal with oils, liquids and chemicals in the liquid form for the various functions. Oils are basically used to either grease the machinery or to produce energy to work the machinery. Either way there is a chance of it spilling and making the floor wet. Sometimes there can be a leak of the liquid from a pipeline and this too can be a dangerous situation for the work force in the work place. The spills may be chemical which can be harmful to the health of the people working there. This is the reason why today it is mandatory that spill kits are made available in all industries irrespective of the kind of industry it is.

The spill kits are basically a kit that contains materials that are highly absorbent and help in clearing away the spills as soon as possible. The kit contains a set of materials that are highly versatile in use though their main function is to absorb and clear the spill. Their versatility lies in the method of absorption. The rolls and pads are very absorbent and can be cut into the size required so if the spill is over a small area you can tear off a small piece and use it to absorb the liquid. The other items include socks that help to restrict the leak and stop the spilling. For larger areas of spillage, the kit has pillows that absorb greater amounts of liquid. Another very useful material is the one that turns the liquid into gel which can be easily wiped off.

The various categories of spill kits include the water spill kit which is very versatile as it can be used for oil and water as well as chemicals too. All the materials that are usually found in spill kits is also found in the water spill kits and hence the use is also the same. The water kit is available in different sizes so you can choose the one that suits your organization and the spillage that is likely to occur there.

The other category of spill kits and which is more commonly seen is the oil spill kits. This is specifically used for oil spills and this is capable of absorbing oil of any density. The oil spill kits are also available in different sizes and can be used on any floor or area.

Getting rid of a chemical spill is easily done with the help of chemical spill kits. Irrespective of whether the accident is a minor one or a major one, with the chemical spill kits at hand the damage can be drastically reduced as the spillage can be dried fast. One of the good features of the chemical spill kits is that it is colored yellow so that you never miss seeing it when needed.

These are some of the varieties of spill kits available in the market to suit the different needs of the industries that are so diverse in nature. The kits are manufactured and the materials provided are so apt that they go a long way in protecting the work place in case of a spill.

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