Warning Signs for the Warehouse Floor

Signs are posted in just about every workplace alerting workers of safety practices, precautions, security guidelines, warehouse rules, safety instructions, etc. Banners are hung from warehouse shelves stating how many days the facility has been free from an accident and labels are adhered to dangerous machines – but these messages can become easily overlooked. Ensure your workers are staying alert by installing safety warning floor signs.

Warehouse Warning Sign

Safety Warning Signs

Broadly speaking, warning signs can be classified as any kind of safety sign alerting workers or facility visitors to potential hazards. One of the problems employers and safety managers often come across is “sign blindness” in which workers no longer are benefitting from the message on the sign because their brain doesn’t even register it. “Sign blindness” may be result from having the same sign posted for years, having too many signs clustered together, or poor placement of the sign.

Floor Marking Signs

Warning floor signs are part of a company’s overall floor marking or safety sign system. With circular signs ranging from 12” up to 36” and rectangular floor signs available as wide as 48”, your safety message will not be missed. The floor signs offered by Creative Safety Supply are all printed on industrial-grade vinyl guaranteed to hold up against heavy foot and forklift traffic. While traditional floor paint chips and fades over time and workers get blind wall signs after a bit, our floor signs will stay bright, bold, and intact for years to come.

Wrong Way Floor Marking Sign

Creative Safety Supply also offers a type of floor marking sign designed specifically to be used to industrial floor tape. These signs feature a flat side directly aligning with the tape and the low-profile durable material ensures protection against heavy traffic.


Types of Safety Warning Floor Signs

Any safety message that would traditionally be printed and hung on the wall can alternatively be printed on vinyl and installed on the facility floor. The following are just a few different applications for safety floor signs:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: PPE doesn’t work if the individual is not wearing it. Use floor signs to remind workers what areas in the workplace require PPE, what PPE is necessary, and any other PPE-related instructions.
  • Evacuation: Wayfinding is one of the most logical uses of floor signs and this is especially true when it comes to emergency evacuation. We offer photoluminescent floor signs so in a lights-out event, employees can safely navigate to an exit.
  • Safety Equipment: All too often, critical safety equipment like fire extinguishers or eyewash stations are blocked when employees stack items or leave objects in front of them. Installing easy-to-see floor signs work as an effective reminder to keep these areas clear at all times.
  • High-Traffic Spots: Many facilities, warehouses in particular, have people and forklifts traveling near each other in tight quarters. Use floor signs to safely direct operators, enforce traffic rules, or keep pedestrians out of forklift lanes.
  • Electrical Hazards: Whether it’s an arc flash hazard or a piece of dangerous electrical equipment, it is absolutely critical workers are alerted to electrical hazards before approaching the area.
  • Safety Alerts: Install signs such as “Slippery When Wet” or “Warning: Watch for Overhead Hazards” serves as an effective reminder for workers to be careful and keep an eye out.

Safety warnings are most effective when workers can see them! No-hassle industrial floor signs are easy to install, cost-effective, and communicates exactly what you need.

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