Waste Water Treatment : Pipe Labeling Guide

Water Treatment Plant Color Guide

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Pipe Type
Type of Liquid / Gas
Water Lines:Raw waterGreen
Settled or clarified waterAqua
Finished or potable waterDark Blue
Chemical Lines:Alum or primary coagulantOrange
Carbon slurryBlack
CausticYellow w/ green band
Chlorine gas or solutionYellow
FluorideLight blue w/ red band
Lime slurryLight green
OzoneYellow w/ orange band
Phosphate compoundsLight green w/ red band
Polymers or coagulant aidsOrange w/ green band
Potassium permanganateViolet
Soda ashLight green w/ orange band
Sulfuric AcidYellow w/ red band
Sulfur DioxideLight green w/ yellow band
Waste Lines:Backwash wasteLight Brown
SludgeDark Brown
Sewer (sanitary or other)Dark Gray
Other Lines:Compressed AirDark Green
Other PipesLight Gray


Wastewater Treatment Plant Color Coding

Sludge Lines:Raw SludgeBrown w/ black bands
Sludge recirculation or suctionBrown w/ yellow bands
Sludge drw offBrown w/ orange bands
Sludge recirculation dischargeBrown
Gas Lines:Sludge GasOrange (or Red)
Natural GasOrange (or Red) w/ Black bands
Water Lines:Nonpotable WaterBlue w/ black bands
Potable WaterBlue
Water for heating digestors or buildingsBlue with a 6 in. (150mm) red band space 30 in. (760mm) apart
Other Lines:ChlorineYellow
Sulfur DioxideYellow w/ Red bands
Sewage (wastewater)Gray
Compressed AirGreen

Also include an arrow to indicate direction of flow. Also a Second helpful guide would be our Pipe Marking Guide.

————————– START of Ten States Standards, Section 2.14, PIPE COLOR CODING ————————–
To facilitate the identification of piping in plants ad pumping stations it is recommended that the following
color scheme be utilized:

Water Lines
Raw or Recycle — Olive Green
Settled or Clarified — Aqua
Finished or Potable — Dark Blue

Chemical Lines
Alum or Primary Coagulant — Orange
Ammonia — White
Carbon Slurry — Black
Caustic — Yellow with Green Band
Chlorine (Gas or Solution) — Yellow
Chlorine Dioxide — Yellow with Violet Band
Fluoride — Light Blue with Red Band
Lime Slurry — Light Green
Ozone — Yellow with Orange Band
Phosphate Compounds — Light Green with Red Band
Polymers and Coagulant Aids — Orange with Green Band
Soda Ash — Light Green with Orange Band
Sulfuric Acid — Yellow with Red Band
Back Wash Waste — Light Brown
Sludge — Dark Brown
Sewer — Dark Gray

Compressed Air — Dark Green
Gas — Red
Other Lines — Light Gray

In situations where two colors do not have sufficient contrast to easily differentiate between them, a six-inch band of contrasting color should be on one of the pipes at approximately 30-inch intervals. The name of the liquid or gas should also be on the pipe. I some cases it may be advantageous to provide arrowsindicating the direction of flow.
————————– END of Ten States Standards, Section 2.14, PIPE COLOR CODING ————————– Found Here

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