We Are Now Offering Convergence Safety Training Videos

Convergence Safety Training Videos

Safety training videos fall into two different categories, I’ve found.  The outdated, boring ones of the 80s, and the modern ones with higher production values.  Okay, actually there is one more category, the modern ones that stink, too.

At Creative Safety Supply, we try to offer our customers the top of the line training videos, because, let’s face it, training videos aren’t cheap–they’re an investment.  And, like all investments, you want your ROI to be exponentially-higher than your initial purchase.  So, if you have lots of employees, you want them to all have a consistent training experience.

One of the companies I think does a bang-up job in terms of clarity, information, and quality demonstrations is Convergence Training.  We’ve started carrying their products, and I have only heard good things from the folks who have bought their stuff from us.  They usually end up buying other videos to round out their training collection with its similar style. They use animated computer-generated images to illustrate what the narrators are explaining, and its really clear what is going on.

Frankly, I can’t say more good things about their stuff.

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