Which Six Sigma belt do you have?

Six sigma training and certification can be achieved through online and offline. There are a number of programs designed to train working professionals and managers to understand the quality systems. Six Sigma involves a process where a refined process is charted out after going through DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) methods. It is a systematic and well defined scientific method. By going through the training and certification process, you will be able to understand various processes and thus, you can implement the same in your organization to improve the productivity, customer satisfaction and production of items at reduced cost.

Six Sigma belts

Six sigma training has four levels. They are called as belts. These are yellow, green, black and  master belt. Yellow is the lowest level while Master is the highest level. If you go for six sigma yellow belt certification, you will get the basic training on six sigma. You will be able to implement a refined process. However, you will not be able to lead a team.

Green belt level is the next level of expertise in six sigma. If you are trained in green belt quality certification program, you will be able to lead a team or project independently. You should be able to take up the challenge and should prove yourself by taking the responsibility to execute the project in a more efficient manner.

Black belt gives you more authentication. You will get the opportunity to implement six sigma strategies at various levels. You will get the expertise to guide a number of teams and you will be able to train others as well. You will be able to offer effective training programs so that your subordinates will be equipped with the necessary skills to take up green belt and yellow belt certifications.

Master belt in six sigma is the highest level. Having attained the master belt, you can train professionals who were already qualified with black belt certifications. You will be able to implement the six sigma practices at all levels. You will be able to lead a number of projects concurrently. By being equipped with master belt, you will be able to take up greater challenges and you will be the most responsible person in the organization. You will be the one to lay successful six sigma strategies that can be implemented in your organization.

Who can attend?

Various personnel involved at various levels can undergo the training program. They should go for the most appropriate training program as per their role in the organization. Some of the prominent personnel that qualify for training include quality technicians, supervisors, managers, operations managers, customer service managers, production managers, material management engineers, quality managers, directors, chief financial officers, chief executive officers, vice-presidents and presidents.

A typical training program can run for 2 weeks (80 hour training program). In addition to the basic six sigma methods, you will also be exposed to lean manufacturing methods which include 5s and visual management. You are required to complete an individual project as well which forms part of your course curriculum.


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