Who Is Interested in Lean Manufacturing?

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Matt Wrye of Beyond Lean set up a poll to see who was interested in reading about lean.

According to Wrye, the majority of folks reading about lean on his blog were in middle management:

Who is reading Beyond Lean?
1. Mid-Level Managers = 40%
2.Senior Level Managers = 20%
3. Consultants = 20%

This came as no surprise to Wrye, as he himself is a self-described “mid-level manager,” but he was also happy to see that his blog appealed to senior-level management types.  Wrye was most impressed to see that the fourth group (which he probably should have included in the poll listings) were direct-line employees (working in gemba, I’d assume).

I was actually surprised that a higher pct. wasn’t consultants, because this website is a good resource.  Well, I like it.

While these numbers is encouraging, I’d like to see the direct line employees eclipse the senior-levels.  It would indicate a higher percentage of employee implementation.

Here are a couple of other poll stats for you from Wrye:

“What features/topics are favorites?

  1. Posts on Principles/Concepts/Tools = 28%
  2. Posts by Matt and Joe = 25%
  3. Lean Series Week = 14%”

You don’t have to be an elected official to appreciate some good polling feedback, and I’m sure a guy like Wrye will utilize this data to help him to continually improve his blog topics.

> Check out his blog right here.

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