Why It Pays To Use Pre-Printed Arc Flash Labels

If you’ve ever had to label every single electrical breaker panel, transformer, or other utility box in your facility, you know how important it is to have two things, a good, fast, quality thermal label printer and a whole lot of pre-printed, die-cut  arc flash labeling stickers.

Make Your Life Easier

You’ll be making a ton of those babies if you have even a mid-sized manufacturing plant, and you’d be surprised how the prices for individual labels can mount up from companies that sell printed labels – plus, you have to hope that they’ll get all of them right.

Trust me, a misprinted arc flash rating on a transformer or electric panel can result in someone getting severely injured or killed for not wearing the appropriate PPE, or property damage could occur, so it’s best to take something that important out of inexperienced hands. I used to help an electrician evaluate electrical panels while they were still live, so believe it when I say that someone will appreciate correct labeling on something as potentially destructive as electrical components.

The Right Tools for the Job

One of these rolls has 200 stickers on it, all die-cut and pre-printed with ‘WARNING’ – you just add the rest with a label printer and the right software.  It’s actually fairly easy, and today’s thermal labelers can spit one of these labels out in a second or tow.

With  our LabelTac 4 or LabelTac 4 PRO label makers, you can print right from the arc flash software (which we also sell), and make as many as you’d like.  Hopefully, someone ELSE has to go around and attach them! Then, when you’re done with the arc flash labels, our printers can be also used to pipe marking labels, safety signs, and even marketing bumper stickers.

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