Why safety takes a back seat?

Safety in foreign countries is way below the standards of the USA, but you can actually find the they exact same problem of wiring and code violations maybe even in your own house or work. As may works cut corners in the hope to speed up the project not really caring about the purchaser.

It is very disheartening that in spite of several laws, codes and stipulations by the government, we are witnessing so many accidents. The need of the hour is to spread safety awareness so as to instil confidence in people that the government is very clear about enforcing all laws and regulations to avoid accidents. The main focus areas are homes, where gadgets like LPG stoves, induction heaters and microwave ovens, if not used safely, could lead to serious accidents. The international precautionary indication is that LPG is strongly blended with smelling agents so that leaks are detected, but due to a lack of knowledge and awareness, timely action is not taken, resulting in nasty accidents and loss of lives. Use of substandard electrical wires and switches, inserting wires into sockets without plugs and improper earthing are the main reasons for accidents due to electricity. It is advisable to use appliances of standard makes and which are BIS marked. The placing of air conditioners in the correct positions and using non-flammable switch boxes would avoid mishaps. The use of ELCBS and flame-proof wiring will assure us of safety from electric shocks at homes. Safety audits Safety in schools is of primary importance. Playground equipment, swimming pools, auditoriums and laboratories are to be professionally managed. Periodic inspections and safety audits are to be conducted by accredited third parties and the reports communicated to parents so as to reassure them that their children are in a safe atmosphere. Lab equipment and hazardous chemicals are to be handled after thorough training. Vehicular traffic involving children has to be monitored closely. Safety levels in hospitals are not very encouraging either. Nurses, doctors and paramedical professionals need to be instructed and trained to handle emergencies especially patients in ICUs who are immobile. The use of oxygen cylinders, drugs and chemicals is to be entrusted to thoroughly trained technicians. Licence should be suspended if hospitals are found to be operating under unsafe conditions.  […]

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