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The United States Presidential Election of 2012 ended with the re-election of President Barack Obama.

Whether you like it or not, his administration will remain for the next four years, which leads many to ask: “what can this administration accomplish to improve the state of the economy, lure manufacturing companies back to our shores, and increase jobs?”

Obviously, to put the entire burden on the Executive branch without the legislation required from our House and Senate is a judgement many of us have made, and I’m concerned that our public servants have lost track of who they serve – the American people.

I’m hoping our representatives in the government will start to put away their party-line animosities and try to see the biggest picture:  Our economic survival!

While scouring the web for election articles pertaining to jobs an, more specifically, manufacturing, I ran across‘s post by AP writer Steven R. Hurst, titled “Fiscal Cliff’ Will Test Republicans, Democrats,” and this statement:

The election was evidence that the majority of voters are no longer willing to accept the leadership of a Republican Party that has been pushed to the far right of the political spectrum by its small-government, low-tax tea party faction.

But Obama and his Democrats also must be ready for compromise, with Americans yearning to see an end to the deep partisan divide and legislative gridlock that has gripped Washington in recent years.

I have been seeing this trend for years, and I agree with Hurst.  Americans as a whole just want some stability, and a majority f the voters proved that by not changing course in their selection of presidents.

Now we all wait to see where our government will choose to focus – will be be seeing laws being passed that focus on bettering the lives of this country’s citizens, or more of the corporate backscratching that got us into this mess in the first place?

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