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Ron Pereira wrote about the coffee lid dispenser he encountered in the San Francisco airport Starbucks in his article “Improving Point of Use Lid Storage at Starbucks” on LSS Academy.

A typical customer at Starbucks probably just goes and grabs a lid out of the dispenser, and goes about their merry business, but not someone in the continuous improvement biz, like Pereira.

I can sympathize with his affliction.  I have it, too.

Guys like Pereira and I can’t EVER go about our merry way, oblivious to the flaws of this world.

We constantly see where things could stand to be improved, and we try to fix it.  I added my two cents to his comments.  I agreed, like his other commenters, that the dispenser could be improved by adding a kanban signal.

Some went the conventional route, and suggested a different colored lid, but I thought, “hey, this is Starbucks – why not have a flare that shoots up telling employees it’s time to add some lids?”

Of course, I’m joking – you can’t be shooting off flares willy-nilly in local food establishments.

But, I did like all of the comments.  Seeing them was a sort of therapy in knowing that I am not the only one who is never satisfied.  Contentment is one of the stages of complacency, I think, and one of the enemies of change and improvement.

Read Pereira’s article here =>


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