Yield Anti Slip Floor Signs – Keeping workplaces Safe

Caution signs and yield anti slip floor signs are used for alerting and reminding people in and around workplaces, walkways and related areas to exercise caution when walking in these places. These self adhesive vinyl signs are sub-surface printed. They are also laminated by a protective sheath. This protective layer is a non- slip vinyl surface having a rough and pebbled texture. This gives the sign extra durability against heavy foot traffic. The yield anti slip floor signs has a self-adhesive back with an easy-to-peel liner. Due to this, the sign can easily adhere to smooth, clean and moisture free surfaces.

Often, workplaces do not allow signs to be placed on walls and ceilings. They are either inaccessible, or it is against the rules, due to safety issues. To solve this problem, floor signs and floor stands come in handy. Both these types of signs are very easy to use and are also portable and lightweight. Floor supervisors can move these around to get the necessary messages across to workers, visitors and guests.

Antislip floor signs

Caution signs of these types come in a standard format or can be customized as per requirements. Most caution signs are made from rust proof aluminum for longer durability. They also have highly visible and reflective surfaces for nighttime visibility. The color schemes typically used feature yellow background surfaces with black text wordings. In case of the yield anti slip floor signs, one can customize them with red letters against white backgrounds.

Signs in Loading Zones

Loading areas are designated places for loading and unloading goods in workplaces, warehouses, and parking lanes of busy buildings. The merchants and building owners of these areas order custom designed floor signs to for preventing disorganization during the transportation of materials.

Creating a well organized loading/unloading zone requires a systematic approach. The location of the zone, the time of loading and unloading etc all need to be taken into account. Additionally, the volumes of goods that are transported on a daily basis also need to be factored in while creating a safe loading zone for workers.

The best way to keep loading zones clear and working efficiently is to implement floor signs and yield anti slip floor signs. This helps control the operations and allow drivers to get their job done on time. Most of these signs are made from top-of-the line rigid aluminum that remains rust free for decades. The reflective 3M ink also ensures high nighttime visibility.

Important considerations in floor signs

Here are some things to consider when customizing yield anti slip floor signs for your facility:

  • The signs should be visible from any spot within the lot.
  • In areas where there is vehicular traffic, the signs must be visible over other cars etc
  • Tow signs and Yield signs must be at least 18”x24” or larger, and the lettering must be 4” tall.
  • Always insist on 3M reflective ink. Unlike fast fading inks, the 3M inks can last more than 10 years.

Stop and yield anti slip floor signs have a purpose: they are all about fast and effective communication. Irrespective of the time of the day or the weather these signs need to be seen and deciphered quickly by the workers. Only that will enhance the safety of our workplaces.


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