Rack Labels

Large scale industrial units are devilishly hard to manage. There are hundreds of employees working under an establishment and the number of equipment,  tools and machine components used are countless. If the tools and equipment are not categorized and stored systematically, then a lot of time is wasted in finding the appropriate tool or machine component before starting any job. To minimize this waste of time, the tools, equipment and different machine components are kept on different racks, which are categorized by rack labels. The labels distinguish the racks from each other and tell the employees what is stored in which rack. This article is going to discuss the need of getting the racks labeled, and the different types of rack labels available in the market.

There are different types of rack labels available in the market such as the polyester warehouse label, multi level rack warehouse signs, magnetic warehouse labels, cold storage labels, cold storage rack placards, cover-up labels. These different varieties of labels are used for different types of storage units.

Let us discuss in depth the different types of rack labels. The polyester warehouse labels are the toughest labels in terms of the physical abuse, shocks and harsh industrial conditions, they are withstood. These levels are better than the paper labels because they are tear resistant. There is a polyester film over the labels which protect the text from chemicals and abrasion. The adhesive used on the polyester labels help in creating strong bonds over any kind of surface. The labels are available in all kinds of custom sizes and shapes.

The multi level rack warehouse signs are designed to get rid of the requirement to have long range scanners as they help in identifying multiple rack labels with one single label, which contains information about all the racks. The magnetic warehouse labels come handy when the labels are needed to be relocated over and over again. The labels are provided with magnets in place of pressure adhesives so that they can be relocated conveniently whenever necessary. The cold storage racks levels are designed specifically to withstand cold conditions, like on cold storage compartments. The specialty of these kinds of labels is the adhesive used on them which holds its properties even in damp and sub-zero temperature environments. The last type of label is the cover-up label. These labels are used over the existing labels if the need arises to cover up the existing labels or change the message the existing labels portray.

Before buying labels, one should check the durability and the longevity of the adhesive layer. The rack labels should be tough, tear resistant and the surface should be resistant to abrasion so the risk of getting worn out or erased when exposed to chemicals or moisture is low. When these points are taken into consideration, the polyester labels score way above the paper labels in terms of longevity and durability. The paper labels are particularly prone to getting erased especially when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

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