Custom Signs

  If you can’t find the sign you’re looking for, a good option may be to order or create a custom sign! The benefits of custom signs far outweigh those related to generic signs. The main benefits include using the colors, font, and specific message you want. Whether it is []

Hand Hazards

We use our hands every day for many things such as grasping, manipulating, holding, feeling, and much more. Hands are commonly considered as one of the most widely utilized body parts, which usually rings true when it comes to working in an industrial environment as well. In the industrial work []

Pipe Marking Checklist

Pipes are utilized everywhere, they are the number one way to transport gases, liquids, and other substances through buildings, underground areas, and virtually anywhere. The average person usually doesn’t label all the pipes in his or her home since they most likely do not carry highly pressurized or very hazardous []

Construction Safety Signs

Construction zones are known as areas that are full of potential hazards. Common construction zone hazards include falling objects, electrocution, excavation accidents, asbestos, general machine hazards, automobile accidents, etc. The list literally goes on and on. The job of construction involves a lot of equipment, tools, and motorized vehicles, and []

OSHA Electrical Safety Practices

Safety organizations such as OSHA provide helpful guidelines and standards to protect employees from occupational hazards while on the job. One of the leading occupational hazards includes the use and consumption of electricity. Electricity is used by nearly every industrial business worldwide. Electricity not only powers equipment, but also provides []

Labeling Tangled Cables

We’ve all seen it before, large amounts of disorganized cables. Messy and tangled cables not only look chaotic but also make maneuvering, understanding, and replacing cables extremely cumbersome.  Whether tangled cables are located within a small cubicle area or in the back room of an IT department, they not only look []

Machine Hazards

Machines help make many jobs easier by cutting, bending, gluing, and fabricating different products and materials so people don’t have to. However, along with the utilization of machines comes the risk for injury. The sad truth is that nearly four million employees are injured while on the job each year []

Lead Exposure

You may have heard the saying, “Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?” used comically on television shows or in a movie. If so, have you ever wondered why they say that? The reason why is because many household paints used to contain lead and exposure []