New Labels for Military Weapons, Ammo and Equipment Conditions

At Creative Safety Supply, we appreciate how our military personnel give up a good portion of their freedoms in order to serve the American public in foreign lands, distant seas, and hostile airspace.

Our company  just recently released a new line of military condition tags for sale.  They’re designed to be used by military members to accurately display the conditions of operational supplies, such as weapons, ammo, and equipment.

Here is some more info from our website:

Military expectations are high – in harsh climates and rough seas, the need for durable and easy to read labeling for ammunition, weapons, and supplies is important, and Creative Safety Supply now provides some of the toughest military condition labels in the industry.

Whether on land, on sea, or in the air, having labels that stay in place while providing visible, accurate condition data is imperative to successful military operations, and Creative Safety Supply provides support with one of the best varieties of labeling supplies on the market.  They have excellent customer service and can offer complete customization – whatever is needed, they can provide.

The adhesive used with the thermally-printed vinyl labeling material is tacky enough to remain where it is attached, and all labeling text comes pre-printed with the necessary information, leaving blank areas for signatures, initials, dates, etc.

I think this info would also be good for civilian groups like firefighters, police, medical, etc.


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