Whiteboards: The Solution for the Disorganized

Creative Safety Supply has recently revealed a new product line all about whiteboards! Dry erase boards are an excellent tool for encouraging collaboration between departments and employees. However, one of the best attributes whiteboards hold is the fact that they are most often used as an organizational tool.

When we say organization, it isn’t just putting objects back where they were taken from. Organization is standardization. Organization means an increase in productivity and efficiency. In the workplace organization is a culture.

Our dry erase boards are made from a high-quality painted steel surface, magnetic, and features an aluminum frame along with all the hardware needed for installation. If you’re wanting more than just a plain whiteboard, we offer numerous different design options that include a durable vinyl decal placed on top of the writing surface that works exactly as if it were a normal whiteboard. We also have a custom option available for whiteboard design here.

Where can whiteboards be used?

The answer to that is simple, use whiteboards anywhere. These visual tools are incredibly flexible with the environment they are placed in. Try out our whiteboards with any setup, whether that be for:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Kaizen
  • Kanban
  • 5S organization
  • Scheduling

These are only a handful of examples of what whiteboards can handle. As the leaders in visual safety, organization is important to us, which is why we always strive to provide you with new tools to improve your workplace.


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